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The Laundry Room Reviews and Testimonials

We know our customers' satisfaction is important to our being successful in business. Here are what our customers are saying about us!

I have been greeted kindly every time I arrive, and the person working is always very sweet. I overloaded a machine with clothes once and they didn't get clean enough, totally my fault. The lady working noticed I was rewashing them and gave me a free wash! She is always kind and friendly.

The laundry mat is always clean.

Love the variety in machines, both washers and dryers. Love they have TV for background noise and the kids can watch!! Love that the location the best. Employees are great.

Very convenient location, next to Starbucks and Albertson's. The laundromat is very clean and there is an attendant the majority of the day. They have a soap dispenser in case you forget to bring something. I like they have different size machines all very well kept.

Best laundrymat. They are super helpful.

Best laundry in Vista. Clean environment and big equipment. Part time attendant. Fluff and fold service on site. I recommend checking out this laundry.

Nice, clean place!

Love this laundromat! It's clean and modern, the staff (3 different ladies so far) are friendly enough (the fact that they even HAVE someone there is a BIG plus!) and they speak English!

This place is clean and cool.

A very well kept and clean place.

Great place to do your laundry. everything was clean and in working order. The owner is very polite and courteous. Big place that even in a rush of people doing laundry the place will be better than most laundromats with no standing room and out of order machines. I most definitely recommend the Laundry Room to my friends and family for my personal wash house.

Clean, free WiFi and you can use a card to pay for both washer/dryers. The worker there was kind and helpful!

Clean. You can use your debit card.

The best and cleanest laundry mat you'll find!!! Fabulous prices and the lady who works there is the best!!