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Laundry Prices for Wash & Fold and Pickup & Delivery Service

Fluff and Fold Pick Up and Drop Off Service Prices

  • One Time Pick Up and Drop Off Service $2.05 per lb
  • Recurring Pick Up and Drop Off (Weekly/Bi-Weekly) $1.95 per lb.
  • In Store Drop Off Fluff & Fold Service $1.50 per lb.
  • California King Down Comforter $45.00 per item
  • King Down Comforter $35.00 per iterm
  • Queen Down Comforter $30.00 per iterm
  • Full Down Comforter $25.00 per item
  • King Comforter $30.00 per item
  • Queen Comforter $25.00 per item
  • Full Comforter $20.00 per item
  • King Duvet $27.00 per item
  • Queen Duvet $22.00 per item
  • Full Duvet $20.00 per item
  • Regular Duvet $18.00 per item
  • Please note not all items are listed above. Non-Clothing items are subject to "per piece" pricing.

Fluff & Fold Pricing For Both Locations

Fluff & Fold
In store Dopp Off
$1.50 Per Pound

Some items are not weighed and are charged by the piece rather than the pound for proper laundering in the right machine such as: comforters, rugs, and sleeping bags, etc. There is a $15 minimum order.

Pick-Up & Delivery Pricing

Pick up and Delivery


One Time $2.05 Per pound


Recurring $1.95 Per Pound


                                     ** Minimum Order $40**

Commercial Laundry Pricing

The Laundry Room specializes in commercial laundry service. There is no need for a contract. Prices are based off the quantity of laundry needed laundered and how often you’d like our service.

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